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Why use business process automation

A speciality within business process management that focuses on how to use automation as a part of regular business processes that can be better handles by systems and machines. There are many ways that performance can be optimised such as data processing, transferring, sending notifications, extracting information. When thinking about Business Process Automation (BPA) you should ...
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Why work collaboration startups keep drawing massive valuations

In Silicon Valley, trends come and go, and with them go the investors and entrepreneurs. That common wisdom is borne out by most investment categories: social networks, eCommerce and cleantech, to name a few. But not work collaboration startups. Take this past May, when the Slack competitor Symphony raised money at a $1 billion valuation, and ...
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Cultural change that sticks

Cultures evolve over time—sometimes slipping backward, sometimes progressing—and the best you can do is work with and within them, rather than fight them. Research has found that almost every enterprise that has attained peak performance—including the Four Seasons, Apple, Microsoft, and Southwest Airlines—got there by applying five principles. Such companies see culture as a competitive ...
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