Business Process Automation


Why use business process automation

A speciality within business process management that focuses on how to use automation as a part of regular business processes that can be better handles by systems and machines. There are many ways that performance can be optimised such as data processing, transferring, sending notifications, extracting information.
When thinking about Business Process Automation (BPA) you should look at your entire business processes to identify where automation will help things move faster, reduce errors, and deliver results. Because of this, staff are free to work on tasks that actually require their skillsets.
For example, we use automation to send texts, book in appointments based on when particular forms get filled out, directing to web pages based on information within specific forms etc. The possibilities are endless!
As if that wasn’t enough!
  • Cost savings – Imagine all the repetitive tasks you do in a day, week-on-week. Utilising your team for other things can significantly improve productivity.
  • Better Visibility- most tasks such as follow ups, scheduling etc will require you to record the interactions to ensure the process was completed. Complex tasks can be monitored and it’s easy to identify when a task was completed.
  • Efficiency- as mentioned before, you can automate everything from forms to scheduling and therefore speed up your business processes.
  • Scalability- It lets you scale a single process as you need it without limitations
  • Eliminate errors- think of the number of manual human errors that happen in a day, a week, a month and the time then spent to correct them.
  • Powerful business insights- reporting and analytics to show you just how much time was saved and demonstrate the efficiency of BPA tools
How can you use automation
There are three ways BPA can be used:
  1. A Dedicated BPA Tool – Dedicated BPA tools such as Zapier let you use automation easily. They’re easy to use even without prior knowledge and can be used on all processes, letting you house all your automation on a single platform.
  2. Hot-Wiring- in-house hacks to provide automation solutions here and there. The advantage here is that it’s cheaper than building your own system.
  3. Grow your IT Muscle- This is great if you are dependent on legacy applications that don’t link to other systems easily. This will let you build a solution tailored to your needs.

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